I am a member of this oldest art society of the Netherlands. Piet Mondriaan and Gerrit Rietveld were members.
streun Michael Streun, a very good Swiss artist.
loes Loes Schellekens, winner of the Pieter d'Hondt-prize for sculpture. Was our collegue for years in our foundation Atelier Tij.
tij Our foundation 'Atelier Tij' of twelve artists with a variety of disciplines.
hanneke nobel The website of Hanneke Nobel. Strong and powerfull landscapes in gouache and oil.
roche A hyperlink to Roche Culturelle. A beautiful place in the Morvan, France, where I teach every summer during one week in portraiture. You can also learn how to make a sculpture, how to paint landscapes.
laphroiag The website of a whisky collector.
henrik The website of artist Henrik Hey. Teacher at The University of the Arts, Utrecht. Specialized in the Japanese style of woodcut making.
graveyart The website of Carla Meijsen who tought me everything about computers and the making of websites.
vera pouw The website of the artist Vera Pouw.